Poetry, Oh Do I Love You

February 24, 2009

i actually do like writing poetry, takes a bit of time but here is what i just wrote


What does it mean when i say these words to you
How does one absorb such words
What emotions are released
The words i speak move forward with such truth
Could one handle such true emotion
From another
The truth is, Well the truth
I Love You
These words
Words that invoke such passion for another
Could it be real
Or just a figment of our imagination
The words i speak to you now
I know are true
That is why i speak them
And that is why
I Love You.

here is a link to my myspace blog with old poems i have written


if  it doesnt work just visit my myspace, link should be on the right side of this page, towards the bottom


23 Years Ago I Was Born

February 21, 2009

In Rio Piedras Puerto Rico.


Not much to say about it.

Well i will be getting a mountain bike soon and because of it i am now bike crazy. i have been looking at things to upgrade like street tires, better brake pads, new seat, maybe bars. found some sick shoes since i have reg skateboard sneakers and those slip off the pedal and it sucks getting pedal bite on the back of your ankle. Hoping to also get a exercise bike for those days when i cant ride, or just to lazy to go out and ride, it will be great, i cant wait.

Alice is a Dirty Vegas Deejay

February 16, 2009

God i love their music

If you didn’t catch it, music from Alice Deejay, and Dirty Vegas

Today is a great day, yesterday was even better. Skated Boston most the day, loads of fun meeting long lost friends,lol. Guys i haven’t seen in months. I didn’t skate as much but then again it was very cold in Boston, and also fairly busy for a Sunday.

Today woke up a little late, but made a great breakfast, bacon eggs homefries(handmade by me). God i rule

have to watch the kids a little later while their parents leave for the movies, then afterwards ill have to clean up, need my brother to bring the damn vacuum.

Feb is almost over and my bday is saturday, im getting OLD

The Plan That Never Was

February 14, 2009

Short but sweet.

If I make plans, something comes up where its like crap.

If I dont make plans im stuck bored at home.

From now on everything will be on a whim

“ok now that was a long but good read, and heres the thing, everyone tells me why i dont go back to school, blah blah blah, but why do i have to go back to school in order to have a fulfilling life, cant i just work and hope to get a great job with great benefits and all that stuff, why does it have to be school/college before i can do all that, like i know education is importantbut why is it that i need to go back in order to have a good job?

anywho http://www.snagajob.com seriously i cant really move on since im tied up to this babysitting situation, hope my sister takes her police exam and becomes a cop so they can be financially set and i can start my life”

link to his blog



February 8, 2009

Ok well my birthday is coming up, yup another year gone to waste so hopefully this one is better. Also i just got wind of a new rollerblading dvd premier at Rye Airfield on my birthday so that will deff be a fun night, so if you rollerblade or dont but want to chill and watch rollers and see a sick new skate video come to Rye sat feb 21st at 8pm

It Happens A Lot

February 5, 2009

Girls, Women…..

I have noticed that quite literally all the girls/women i talk to eventually disappear. I meet this person time goes by and the friendship builds and gets good, in some cases an actual relationship comes out of it. It last very long, the communications but then it stops, it slowly stops happening to the point where i wont hear from them for some time. Some i have gone years not hearing from them then they pop out of nowhere but even so its not the same.

What i want to know is am i doing something wrong, or is there something I’m not doing that i should be. I look at women firstly as in, can i be in an intimate relation with them, not so much friends, but i have learned recently that its always best to start off as friends then work your way up. With my current situation i don’t want to bring an intimate relation into it.(long story ill tell you one day)

I guess its me and I’m doing something wrong in the sense that there’s something i should be doing to keep these friendships/relations going strong. This year i have been trying to be who i used to be not what i am now, i miss the old days of saying yes to everything and just doing it without thinking, in some ways that’s not too good but you catch my drift. This year is a new year that i intend to make my life better and different, but still be me. I will have to say, might sound weird, but the movie YES MAN really put some things into perspective and its funny.(not talking about the movie, but yeah the movie is funny though) My lazy ass needs to get out more and im praying this snow goes soon so that i can bring back rollerblading into my life, bring it back how it used to be. Rollerblading might seem stupid and gay to most and all people but to me its my cornerstone, that piece of the puzzle you start with in order to figure out the puzzle and finish it right, not sit there for days looking at it with your mouth agape. Rolling has literally been in my life since the beginning and i mean in the sense of adulthood, you reach that age when you know you will be growing up fast and soon be dealing with things differently than when your a child. No one will ever truly understand other then the ones who do it.

Lets pray for 09 with all the history in the making

Get Down With The Sickness

February 5, 2009

kids got sick while at my brothers house this past Saturday, now i caught it and it sucks, sore throat runny nose lots of coughing and sneezing. there goes my weekend.

On a positive note ill be going back to my daily workout. i have commitment issues and usually don’t stick to it, but hopefully this time around i do since  i really need to drop  a lot of weight

seriously i am done with snow, well the type that piles up in a weekend then every snow you get from then on piles up to the point that you have a wall surrounding your home like that of a fortress.

I really want to roller blade this year, i miss it a ton and want to actually get back into it and try to do it as often as possible. I used to skate literally everyday whether it be around my area or around the entire city, that was when i was younger. Now I’m in this house almost 24/7 doing nothing but getting fatter and lazier.

Lets see how 2009 goes, so far its going smooth but it would be a ton better