Snow Snow Go Away, Never Come Back

February 4, 2009

seriously i am done with snow, well the type that piles up in a weekend then every snow you get from then on piles up to the point that you have a wall surrounding your home like that of a fortress.

I really want to roller blade this year, i miss it a ton and want to actually get back into it and try to do it as often as possible. I used to skate literally everyday whether it be around my area or around the entire city, that was when i was younger. Now I’m in this house almost 24/7 doing nothing but getting fatter and lazier.

Lets see how 2009 goes, so far its going smooth but it would be a ton better



One Response to “Snow Snow Go Away, Never Come Back”

  1. Jonny's Friend said

    i love this title. you do a lot of work around the house, imagine if you put that effort and commitment to your life

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