It Happens A Lot

February 5, 2009

Girls, Women…..

I have noticed that quite literally all the girls/women i talk to eventually disappear. I meet this person time goes by and the friendship builds and gets good, in some cases an actual relationship comes out of it. It last very long, the communications but then it stops, it slowly stops happening to the point where i wont hear from them for some time. Some i have gone years not hearing from them then they pop out of nowhere but even so its not the same.

What i want to know is am i doing something wrong, or is there something I’m not doing that i should be. I look at women firstly as in, can i be in an intimate relation with them, not so much friends, but i have learned recently that its always best to start off as friends then work your way up. With my current situation i don’t want to bring an intimate relation into it.(long story ill tell you one day)

I guess its me and I’m doing something wrong in the sense that there’s something i should be doing to keep these friendships/relations going strong. This year i have been trying to be who i used to be not what i am now, i miss the old days of saying yes to everything and just doing it without thinking, in some ways that’s not too good but you catch my drift. This year is a new year that i intend to make my life better and different, but still be me. I will have to say, might sound weird, but the movie YES MAN really put some things into perspective and its funny.(not talking about the movie, but yeah the movie is funny though) My lazy ass needs to get out more and im praying this snow goes soon so that i can bring back rollerblading into my life, bring it back how it used to be. Rollerblading might seem stupid and gay to most and all people but to me its my cornerstone, that piece of the puzzle you start with in order to figure out the puzzle and finish it right, not sit there for days looking at it with your mouth agape. Rolling has literally been in my life since the beginning and i mean in the sense of adulthood, you reach that age when you know you will be growing up fast and soon be dealing with things differently than when your a child. No one will ever truly understand other then the ones who do it.

Lets pray for 09 with all the history in the making


3 Responses to “It Happens A Lot”

  1. jasonphan said

    i feel this piece man. time’s changing and you just have to roll with it.

    people change too, so don’t think your doing something wrong brother. it happens, i’m dealing with it myself.

  2. Jonny's Friend said

    what brought this on?

  3. just one day thinking after looking through myspace

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