Poetry, Oh Do I Love You

February 24, 2009

i actually do like writing poetry, takes a bit of time but here is what i just wrote


What does it mean when i say these words to you
How does one absorb such words
What emotions are released
The words i speak move forward with such truth
Could one handle such true emotion
From another
The truth is, Well the truth
I Love You
These words
Words that invoke such passion for another
Could it be real
Or just a figment of our imagination
The words i speak to you now
I know are true
That is why i speak them
And that is why
I Love You.

here is a link to my myspace blog with old poems i have written


if  it doesnt work just visit my myspace, link should be on the right side of this page, towards the bottom


4 Responses to “Poetry, Oh Do I Love You”

  1. Jason Phan said

    i like how simple you write yours out.

    it just gets to the point, clear and concise.

  2. gingerbreadninja said

    This poem is AWESOME. Kicks butt. Etc. I love the last part. So straightforward. Keep writing.

  3. and yeah jason i try to make em short and to the point, or else i end up getting confused then the poem sounds weird

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