Sick Yet Again.

March 20, 2009

Had/have bronchitis and I’m getting better but still have a cough.

Nothing much new or exciting in my life that has happened since i last posted. I want to jump back on the bike but still not feeling 100%.

Oh Tokyo Steak House in Nashua SUCKS, Kyoto’s in Tewksbury is 50 times better then them. My calamari and chicken was bomb but the chef barely did anything, had this serious face(maybe he was having a bad day). The waitress forgot half of the peoples orders, they ordered white rice and never got it till almost the end of the meal. And we got seated first, the white people next to us got seated like 5 min after we ordered drinks. Next thing you know the white people get all their shit first before us, they got their food first, and got a fun chef, oh and last thing, we never got hot towels EVERYONE IN THE RESTAURANT DID BUT US, and the place was full of whites so go figure. eat at Kyoto’s in tewksbury


I sit here, needing to go out and handle all the garbage shit along with the recycling. Hate how i feel so lazy about it every week its the same, and all this snow outside and freezing temps dont make it any easier.

I wonder why i have a blog, i never have anything really intresting to say. Im trying to come up with better blogs maybe intresting things but this life i have isnt very intresting.


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