Is Summer Here?

April 25, 2009

Its been a while since i posted a blog, so here i go.

Alright spent my morning today in two different junk yards in the scorching hot sunlight. Its fun for me just chilling there finding hidden gems, but today with its heat OMG bad. found the car we needed, springs off a Toyota, this car was on the ground, fucked up. My brother sends me off to get a jack, he says “look in the trucks there has to be one” i looked in many different trunks and nothing, found some but not to his liking. “look in the Toyota’s and Honda’s, they have good jacks” I’m saying to myself wtf, found one that he still didn’t like but he used it. so it was fun being at the junk yard but with the sun beaming down on us it sucked.

My sisters bday was yesterday so we gave her a surprise birthday cook out, it was long and fun. today i finished off what was left over, cooked it so it don’t go bad.

That’s basically it so far. ill try to keep updating this garbage.


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