Shes nice and cozy

November 29, 2009

inside my house. had a friend help me drag the big ol beast into my “dinning” room. I am going to start the tear down to bare frame so i can sand and repaint everything then replace all the old parts with new.

Want to have a pretty new bike by the end of this.


Updates to come with photos


She LIVES!!!!

November 26, 2009

After some more tinkering and wondering why its still not starting, i cleaned the spark plugs took off the pods to see if my hand got wet and some did. couple more kicks and boom, now she starts first kick.

video should work

Carbs Rebuilt :)

November 23, 2009

Yeah so today i got my rebuild kit for the carbs, first one was hard since i didnt know how to set it up and what things where, but after the first one all others were π.

They aint pretty but at least they are better than before and “new”

Carb Cleaning 101?

November 21, 2009

I dont know…

Today i spent pretty much my entire morning/afternoon stripping paint off the carbs and other parts. I cleaned them myself, hoping i did an ok job.

I sprayed carb cleaner and air in every hole i could find making sure they blew out somewhere else and they all pretty much did. and and thank god i wore my saftey glasses. More than once i had cleaner spray from a hole into my

Bowls still stained but nothing gummy. any and all help welcome.

So here is basically the end result, i think i might go for another round maybe tomorrow since Im not sure i did a good legit job.

I was real nervous about messing with the carbs and more so not dealing with the hassle. After a long day of watching the boys(630am-9pm) I decided im going to just do it.

At first i didnt know where to start, I was lost for some time. I went online trying to find a pictorial of how to take them apart and didnt really find anything, so i just said F it and did it. Im pretty good with doing things once i eye it out.

So here is the final product of my work, If you see something wrong or anything feel free to let me know. I ordered the rebuild kits which should be here soon. Also a fellow KZ rider Steve, who sold me ign coils, might be ultrasonicaly cleaning these for me.

She Purred…

November 19, 2009

My friends Kevin and Anthony came over to look at my bike, Anthony messed with my points and timing, took some time but he got it going but the bike still didnt start.

He took a pod off and put his hand on the carb opening and kicked the bike, his hand was dry. He suggested that my carbs need a good cleaning. They left me sad thinking my bike needs a ton of work to get running. Called my brother to check on a place to clean carbs and he told me to double check and make sure its the carbs that are bad, told me to spray carb cleaner. Myself and my brother in law did this………………….THE FUCKING BITCH TURNED ON FIRST KICK, she turned on. we did it again and it worked, soooooooooo this means my engine is fine just my carbs are bad.

Project is up and running baby. Thanks again for Anthonys help along with Kevins

btw she sounded like a crotch rocket on steroids

Bike at the moment.

November 2, 2009

Got some new ignition coils from a local KZRider ( he gave me a deal 25 for both and he delivered them. Spoke to him for about an hour or so, great guy.

Also my new Z bars came in did a test fit and they are fucking awesome. they look tiny with the huge gauge cluster and headlight, so we will see.