She Purred…

November 19, 2009

My friends Kevin and Anthony came over to look at my bike, Anthony messed with my points and timing, took some time but he got it going but the bike still didnt start.

He took a pod off and put his hand on the carb opening and kicked the bike, his hand was dry. He suggested that my carbs need a good cleaning. They left me sad thinking my bike needs a ton of work to get running. Called my brother to check on a place to clean carbs and he told me to double check and make sure its the carbs that are bad, told me to spray carb cleaner. Myself and my brother in law did this………………….THE FUCKING BITCH TURNED ON FIRST KICK, she turned on. we did it again and it worked, soooooooooo this means my engine is fine just my carbs are bad.

Project is up and running baby. Thanks again for Anthonys help along with Kevins

btw she sounded like a crotch rocket on steroids


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