Carb Cleaning 101?

November 21, 2009

I dont know…

Today i spent pretty much my entire morning/afternoon stripping paint off the carbs and other parts. I cleaned them myself, hoping i did an ok job.

I sprayed carb cleaner and air in every hole i could find making sure they blew out somewhere else and they all pretty much did. and and thank god i wore my saftey glasses. More than once i had cleaner spray from a hole into my

Bowls still stained but nothing gummy. any and all help welcome.

So here is basically the end result, i think i might go for another round maybe tomorrow since Im not sure i did a good legit job.


2 Responses to “Carb Cleaning 101?”

  1. dave bones said

    do your carbs have a diagonal air/fuel mix screw?

  2. um the air screw does sit at a slight angle, the fuel screw is where the bowl cover is on the engine side of the carbs

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