She Lives Yet Again.

June 20, 2010

This is how the bike sits now, outside my house. Still need to mount the tail light, clean up the wiring a little more. She ran again,I put just a little gas that I had from lawn mower use(gas inside those gallon red jugs). It didnt start or show signs of starting. I thought well my carbs need be cleaned again since they froze and got stuck from gumming up.
Yesterday blasted the carbs with cleaner then kicked the bike, It rumbled on for a sec. Tonight tried it again with a friend but this time the bike stayed on, so I think the little gas i put in didnt flow since the jets were gummed, and the cleaner being sucked in to “jump” start the bike cleaned them enough to let the little bit of gas flow into the bike. Tomorrow getting more gas, then have to make a tail light bracket, slap on the tach so i can set the idle. Tuesday for for permit and yeah should be riding this bad larry this week.


Finally figured out the harness and everything is working. Signal relay is bad and lights flicker like that of being on an acid trip listening to techno.

Yellow Baby!

These two were taken with the hazards flickering

Put more work into the bike, Bars are getting super cluttered but whatever, Finished most the wiring today.

Got to resolder the battery cables, figure out where to put the brake light and plug it all in. Engine needs to be painted and thrown in. Maybe will have it running Saturday?