She angers me

July 20, 2010


So here she is in all her glory, put both stock fenders back on, painted. cleaned up the wiring a little bit more. Put stock bars back on with aftermarket gauges. Its pretty damn clean. Only thing i would want to redo is the seat. Sadly this will be the last time we all see it.
I put her up for sale since an overdue college bill came in, I want to go back so I need to pay it. One thing I wanted before I sold it was to get it running again. Right now the idle is finally ok, but when I rev it, it sounds like its sucking in a lot of air and then it sounds like it will die.
It is probably the idle and air mixture screws, but I dont know how to mess with those. I think I will take off the silencer I put in. It sounds way better without anything in the exhaust. Couple small exhaust leaks that should be fixed easy by checking and tighten bolts.
All the lights work, the front brake light, you need to pull in lever a lot for it to light up.
So yeah this build took me roughly 7 months to do. I will be buying another this winter and with the knowledge I gained of these old KZ’s I should have no problem getting the next one done faster and better.
My next project I want something smaller, 400-550cc maybe, or even another 650. I just want a skinnier bike something light and not so tall.