Bike is Depressing me.

August 8, 2010

Messed with timing once more, changed plug on 4th cylinder. Everything was fine until my bro inlaw stopped and left again. You can hear the difference in the video.

In other news my friend Russ was able to tune up that new bike I got. Looks more like a Mtn bike in this pic. Still need tires for it but might slap my Campy rims from my other bike on this.
Cant wait to paint it


6 Responses to “Bike is Depressing me.”

  1. Pat said

    Hell yea, boy!

  2. Yeah I’ll be getting it back later today, will take apart and spray bomb some sweet random color. I think it will turn out nice. Thinking of murdering out my mtn bike. and make that into a winter beater

  3. Pat said

    Bike with us this weekend!

  4. Not sure if I can handle long trips on a bike as of yet,lol. Stamina is non existent.

  5. Pat said

    Don’t be a little girl. I will pick you up.. take your bike with us, and cruise Nashua. Nothing tough.

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