Bike, Art

August 22, 2010

Well pretty much finished the frame, need to convert rear wheel to single speed then get some new tires and project will be done.

Was bored earlier and did a drawing, its the flying wheel, winged wheel. Which symbolizes freedom on the road for bikers(motorcyclists).
Tried making something with a bit of sugar skull styling to it. not really feeling it but im still not done with it.


4 Responses to “Bike, Art”

  1. Pat said

    Nice dude. I still need a motorized cycle.

  2. kevinphan said

    This weekend, tattoo. I’ll pay if your down to get this done up on your forehead or penis

  3. Word, well can I get it on the taint instead?

  4. kevinphan said

    That was hilarious, har har har

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