Not so much regret it but more so since ima be broke for a while, Currently paying for this non running chopped 1981 CM400T. Going to need a lot of work and hopefully at the end of the day it actually runs. I will honestly say Im a bit sketched about it. But its fucking bad ass.

I really hope this bike dont give me as much sorrow as the KZ650 is doing right now. I dont want another bike to only be 98% done.



September 6, 2010

Bought and installed new points and condesor only for it not to work, threw on old ones and everything worked. Greased advancer and did camshaft chain tension everything was sounding sweet, turned on my light switch and BOOM, blew a fuse. tried it a few more times and something is up since i keep blowing that damn main 20a fuse.

Aloha Bitches

September 1, 2010

Ok so that was a short time without interwebz. Will be buying another project bike within the next month. A semi chopped Honda CM400. Looking forward to it, will need tons of work.