Dust’n dem Webbs

February 14, 2011

Getting more motivated to get things done for spring 2011. Yesterday I started by cleaning up my lil work area in the house, organizing tools and whatnot. Today I did my single speed(soon to be fixed) spring beater.


Bought some legit wheels, quick release front and a flip flop hub rear.

The new wheels I got are actually 27in, which gave very little clearance for the original cheap brakes. I was able to rig up a nice new legit brake system for the front.

Always nice to ad decals that make everything blend together and POP

So now I just need to figure out the chain, add air to the tires, and get a better brake lever. I also need to get some alloy pedals and throw clips and straps on em. Eventually I will also source out a legit neck since these stock cheap ones are just that cheap, and very ugly. This bike started off as an older early 90’s Murray Legacy. The frame is pretty heavy, but at the end of the day its a beater.


2 Responses to “Dust’n dem Webbs”

  1. Jason Phan said

    i keep looking at my fixie. lets start riding soon.

    hitch the train to boston and just ride around all day on a nice day. lets do it! 2011 will be good regardless

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