Just want this bike to be done and ready in time for rice o rama. Today it took me many hours just to finish up this seat and glue it on. These allergies are really bad and I hate how it just came over night.Not the best looking seat but it will do for now.


Do Work

August 23, 2011

Threw carbs back on, used some metal screens to put on my petcock since rust clogs it up. and spent almost the entire day trying to setup the cafe cowl and i finally got it done. just nee to make a pan to put the seat on then attach it to cowl.

August 22, 2011

Sometimes I want to help and avoid negative things happening to others, but then I dont want to get involved and have those negative things directed towards myself or my family. Those really tough life decisions are hard to make, but I’m no super hero :/

Spent all weekend trying to figure out why I couldnt sync my carbs……First off I was doing the 1.1mm wire trick to sync them, This whole time I forgot to re-install my idle adjust screw and set its clearance before I did the carb sync. So upset with myself.

ANYWHO raised my needle jet, synced carbs, cleaned out and organized my shed. Not bad for a weekend. This week permit and legalizing the bike and yeah open road after that.

August 20, 2011

im going to blow these carbs up……mentally/physically done for the night

Repetition is KEY.

August 19, 2011

Well adjusted my carb needle jets again to compensate for the massive amounts of air with the pod filters now installed. AND of course cant get away without re-syncing them………..Fluff my life.. It will all be worth it at the end.

This is all becoming second nature to me.

If you are local you can check it out here


So i installed my “new” front calipers and bled the brakes…..the bike went from using all my strength to push it while turning, to almost dropping the bike since it rolled away from me……also the brakes are nice and soft feeling but when fully engaged stop on a dime. felt great compared to before. plus i also have the proper pads, metallic pads to go with my drilled rotors. also added a little silicone since my valve gasket broke when i took the cover off. tomorrow going to mess with air screws on the carbs, mock up and install cafe cowl and maybe bang out the knee cutouts….pics to be added a little later.

She lives yet again

August 17, 2011

But of course small issues, oil leak since i need a new gasket, i believe one carb is sucking in too much air than gas. when my brother drove off with it he said it didnt want to go fast when he opened throttle. also u hear a liek hiss/chh sound when it idles from one of the carbs. couple odd and ends but hey at least it turns on first kick now after its been driven and warmed up

KZ650 Take 2 from jon cuevas on Vimeo.

Untitled from jon cuevas on Vimeo.

Rain rain go away

August 15, 2011

I just want to work on my motorcycle, is that too much to ask. Mother nature please give me non wet weather so I can go back to my therapy……………. :/