I can smell it……….Soon baby, soon

August 13, 2011

Shims are in now, all valve clearances are .10mm instead of .05mm. Cleaned and installed my carbs along with pod filters again. swapped out bars for flat trackers, flipped them and made them look kinda like clubmans, now the bike has a more aggressive lean adjusted my clutch since it was loose, i did it so many times that i can now do it without looking. so im thinking maybe tomorrow if it dont rain i may be able to get it started……OH and i think i may have figured out why my electrical went from working to blowing main fuses….inside the throttle assembly/housing one of the wires frayed showing copper so i think since that is above the switch for headlight i think thats why i kept blowing the main fuse every time i threw on the headlights.


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