Yeah using this aircraft paint remover without proper gear sucks. Tried my best at removing that shitty rattle can paint. Did ok went through a shit ton of gloves. Pretty happy with the results.

Going to do the tank and other odds and ends tomorrow.


Custom Brass Work…

February 19, 2010

This bike build, which is going super super slow( I am attending junior college now), was pretty much, like all, a budget build. Buying only what I needed to get it on the road. I went against that a little and paid a fellow KZ owner to do some brass foot pegs and shift lever knob for the bike. A little pricey but that’s what happens when you get things custom made, and if your lucky, one of a kind. Posted below is a CAD prototype of the pegs, but will be a tad different when completed.

They are being made by Juan a.k.a WOMPY from ChopCult.

Huge thanks goes out to him for doing these for me. Can’t wait to see the finished product.