New rubber

October 6, 2010

Got new tires and chain from local used bicycle shop owner Russ. These will pretty much not last me long at all. Need to invest and save up for some Schwalbe Tires.
Will be using the stock front tire in the rear and make a video of me blowing it up, Chances are I will do this in one night probably less than an hour. Doing what I do on this bike, learning what I have and what I will is really worth it, but hopefully if I ever get my hands on some Schwalbe Tires, then those look like they would last weeks(but in my case maybe 1 week of nightly sliding)

Check out there awesome tires at


Great Night

October 3, 2010

Its been some time.

October 3, 2010

Finshed my first customer bike project, came out pretty sweet and rides like a dream.

Have been riding fixies a lot recently with friends. has been fun, need a smaller front cog, gearing sucks for climbing. Had a blast last night with Kevin bombing around downtown drunk skidding past cops and beautiful drunk girls…haha pics to follow soon.